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Villa for sale highest price 550 m2 ,one floor with garden and roof (offset for demolition or ramping 3 floors) Heliopolis neighborhood V / intermediaries abstain

Tel: 01003414898

Mariouteya-Sheshiny Street, Apartment for sale 170 m2 third floor - elevator - overlooking the street - super lux + 3 bedrooms + 2 bath + kitchen + reception

Tel: 01012762013-0224526206

For sale apartment 75 meters move onto the luggage 2 Agami Hanoville Farouk Sadiq tourist village overlooking the sea, 100 meters a second round 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom + kitchen + reception Tel: 01012762013-0224526206

Office Street dyes olives parallel to the bridge Suez recruitment Cairo area, 40 meters chances Old Law 60 120 000 and 300 in rent or Phone 01229182320 / 01208693596

An opportunity for the most beautiful newlyweds for rent new law in Alexandria apartment Gamal Abdel Nasser, the last tunnel Sidi Bishr 95 meters 2 bedrooms
To contact the owner: 01279273613 to 01223717097

Administrative headquarters area of 275 m above the mezzanine for sale or rent -41 Mostafa El Nasr City Alnhac- fit for all purposes
To contact Tel: 01117769323

Apartment for rent or for sale in Garden City on the Nile - 300 meters consisting of ,4 rooms ,4 reception ,4 bath Parquet flooring Balcony on the

Nile, Classic level, security 24 hours

Contact: 01098090011

Announcement directly from the owner for sale a private house Menoufia Governorate Sadat City 2500000 is required and can pay in two installments p Doreen is a super lux licensed for 4 floors
to call 01000281409 Mohamed Rabie

New apartments Nozha 2 Gesr Street behind Bavaria Suez Company firefighter / 95 m area net the fourth round and face west super lux marble entrance 2 Asancir Price 195,000 EGP
Phone: 01062971722

Apartment for rent or for sale in Sea Street Azam on the Nile - 220 meters consisting of 3 rooms, 3 reception 2 bath Ceramic Floor Balcony on the Nile, super level, security 24 hours Contact: 01003144542

Apartment for rent in Dokki - 150 meters consisting of 2 rooms, 3 reception 2 bath Ceramic flooring, suitable for all purposes, Liberation Road, security 24 hours
Contact: 01098090011

Land for sale on the Ring pyramid Albany Street 8 meters 200 meters second row of Albanian main street 470 000 EGP face nautical Registered month Telephone